Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

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TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence: Rated #5 Hotel in Miami Beach.

Staycation for us, vacation for you! Everything you need for a dream getaway in the sun, @carillonhotel has you covered. ☀️ Head on over to my instagram to watch through my story highlights on our recent stay at the award-winning Carillon Wellness Resort and Spa. Catch a glimpse of their world-class spa services and fitness facilities, invigorating thermal experience, to the sparkling roof top pool and their refreshingly breezy oceanfront @thestrandmiami terrace restaurant. A day spent in 100% relaxation mode! Below, I’ll share with you our itinerary during our day a the Carillon Miami.

Make the most out of your Miami Beach vacation & save. Reserve the suite of your choice for 3 nights, and stay an extra night on them! You’ll have more time to soak up the sun, indulge in spa treatments, meditate by the sea, work out, explore the city or completely relax.  I noticed it was their 3-Day Retreat Season May through November. If this is something that sounds appealing to you, elevate your wellness and check out their schedule on those events and retreats! “Come as you are, leave as you’ve never been!”

Our Carillon Miami Itinerary:

10:30AM Arrival: Check-In

10:45AM We were given our own lockers, sandals, and robes! Changed into my swimsuit that I’d be wearing for our treatments we’d be doing that morning!

11AM Cryotherapy time. Might I mention, this would be my first time trying any Cryotherapy! Back in college we had to take ice baths after soccer two a days, and you know, I’m going to say I MUCH PREFER the Cryo. I was a little nervous, but we were obviously in great hands and given so much information by our therapist, Esti! Here’s what we tried, and I documented some moments!



3 MIN $99

(step inside one of the coldest machines in the country, reaching -275°, to invigorate your entire body, balance your nervous system, improve immunity, stimulate your metabolism and burn up to 800 calories)


Tony has competed in tons of cross-fit events and lifts heavy OFTEN. He’s use to getting Cryo for his sore and aching muscles. He actually LOVES the treatment. So I knew he’d be thrilled I was bringing him along!


6 MIN $60

(the cooling effect of liquid nitrogen focuses on shoulders, elbows and knees to minimize pain, promote healing and speed up the recovery process by reducing inflammation and swelling)



 6 MIN $60

(a laser-guided cold treatment that boosts collagen, tones, tightens and rejuvenates skin)

Salt Rock Lamp

Following our Cryo treatments with a Heated Himalayan Salt Rock. Benefits: They Eliminate Positive Ions. … They Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure. … They Promote Better sleep


25 MIN $65

I love Infared over regular high-temp saunas because it works from the inside of the body out, and the benefits are endless! Plus the temperature doesn’t have to be as high and you don’t need to stay in as long! Bonus bonus bonus.


Facts: An infrared sauna eliminates seven times more toxins than a traditional sauna while helping to relax your muscles, burn calories, promote relaxation and relieve inflammation by increasing circulation. it also helps balance cortisol levels, the body’s primary stress hormone.

Rock Wall Overlooking The Atlantic

Learn the basics of the dynamic sport of rock climbing in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Bring your family and get an overview of basic rock climbing gear and learn how to put on a climbing harness. You’ll then get individualized instruction in belaying and climbing on an indoor climbing wall. They will also discuss the differences between indoor and outdoor climbing. Price: $45 per person

Whether you’re in our fitness area toning with their state of the art equipment or sweating under the sun, both offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. We didn’t work out this time,  but they have a world-class gym full of equipment, studio classes– SEE SCHEDULE HERE.


Cheers to a beautiful morning!

12:30PM Time for a delicious lunch at The Strand Bar & Grill (exceptional service and food)



Pro Tip: Start with THIS appetizer and The Wellness Leaf cocktail!! (we substituted vodka for the gin! I’m not a huge gin fan lol)

Pro Tip: Order the Prosciutto Fig Pizza (with goat cheese and arugula) and the Fresh Mahi Wrap (comes with fried plantains omg- so good)


The Strand Bar & Grill A contemporary Farm Fresh Culinary Concept with Sweeping Ocean Views!


2:00 Walk through the resort to Carillon’s private beach area! Steps away from the white sands and crystal blue ocean! Such a beautiful day for this.


2:30 Check back into the Spa for our “Complimentary Champagne Upon Arrival” (no glass at the pool) and a little R&R on the Atlantic Pool Deck overlooking the ocean and property! Best Part: you can walk around in robes and spa sandals 🙂 Adult only pool, towels, fruit-infused water, and hot tub included!


Your body and mind will 100% effortlessly relax at this rooftop spa with breathtaking ocean views, and it’s quiet! No cell phones or music 🙂




Continuing the Thermal Experience

4:30 PM Thermal Spa Experience time! Can you tell we’re really enjoying our day of relaxation!? The Thermal Experience is open 8AM-8PM and let me tell you, we made the most of these hours! We left at 8 haha! There is a men’s spa suite and a women’s spa suite for total comfort!

Herbal Laconium

HERBAL LACONIUM: Relax and detoxify in this ceramic room featuring a starlit ceiling with gentle humidity and herbs warmed over heated stones


Let their thermal suites embrace you in an invigorating European spa experience. From tropical rain showers to the herbal laconium, we each said that we moved frequently between hot and cold hydrothermal therapy suites to stimulate circulation, any muscle pain relief, to decrease stress and rejuvenate zeeee body, and boy do you feel it!

This was our second visit to the Thermal Experience and we truly enjoyed each experience! The Spa is a place of relaxation and tranquility.  Here’s a few of the featured experiences that I enjoyed:


THERMAL LOUNGERS: Relax your muscles between thermal experiences by resting on a radiant-heated lounger, ideal for unwinding and de-stressing.

EXPERIENTIAL RAINS Multi-sensory showers simulate a Caribbean monsoon, Atlantic storm and Polar mist – a perfect cooling experience after a day in the sun.



IGLOO Cool air combined with menthol, mint and eucalyptus Arctic Mists cool the lungs and blood in a delightful setting with twinkling fiber optics.

FINNISH SAUNA Dry heat purifies and cleanses the body in this classic environment featuring fragrant wood and heated stones.

CRYSTAL STEAM ROOM This scented steam room, enhanced by colored light and a large clear crystal, cleanses and soothes the body

vitality tub

VITALITY TUB: Fountains and body jets provide gentle massage at the optimal temperature for restoring balance and releasing tension


Foot Spa

FOOT SPA: Equalize your body temperature as you bathe your feet in cool or warm water for soothing relief.


Can’t say enough good things about our entire experience at Carillon Miami. From the invigorating and rejuvenating treatments in the morning, to the perfect oceanfront views, deliciously farm fresh foods and service at lunch, to the definition of relaxation we felt in the Thermal Experience Spa– I can honestly say we loved every minute! Thank you for having us Carillon Miami Wellness. We’ll be back soon!IMG_9428

Until next time, Carillon! We loved our visit with you!



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